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Vastu for Home

We all have a small, wonderful and private place on the earth and we called it “home”. Right from deciding our future activities to just comforting ourselves, we all love our home. There are several ways that make your home more peaceful and free from different kinds of negativities including deadly diseases like cancer.

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We all have a small, wonderful and private place on the earth and we called it “home”. Right from deciding our future activities to just comforting ourselves, we all love our home. There are several ways that make your home more peaceful and free from different kinds of negativities including deadly diseases like cancer. Home is a place for shelter, comfort and safety. It’s an abode where one can be oneself. With time, we have built an enormous range of homes ranging from ancient cave, Eskimos, palaces, independent house to modern multi-storied apartments.

Vaastu Shastra for your home can change your life

Vaastu Shastra has been for ages considered as the ideal way to make-up your home. It is a traditional system of architecture, which literally translates to “science of architecture” and describe the principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation and space. Vaastu Shastra combines all the five elements of nature and balances them with the man and the material. It creates a congenial setting or a place to live. The good news is its easy to incorporate Vaastu-Shastra in your home space. In this blog we will share few important Vaastu tips with you, which you can incorporate easily into your home space.

There are limited options available for city residence and even a planned construction of a dwelling or a place of work is not faultless because of the levels in and around the plot, shape of the plot, number of roads and direction of the roads adjoining the plot and other surroundings. Yet it is true that gigantic benefits can accumulate to live by the law of nature for health, prosperity and overall affluence, provided the Vaastu guidelines are followed.

Elements of Vaastu Shastra,you need to Know

Vaastu is nothing but the science of balancing the ‘PANCH MAHA-BHOOTAs’, the five elements of Nature, i.e. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space, in proportion to keep the residents of the building in perfect harmony for right decisions, peace and happiness.

Vaastu Shastra is an ancient science which deals with the science of architecture, and tells us how our house should be planned to channelize the positive energy into our life.

A house, apartment or room is not a non-living thing. It’s a living creature either full or deprived of energy. We always give importance to our energy, but rarely notice the energy of the area we are living in. We even forget to establish a relation between the two.

Sometimes, we realize that a particular house is unlucky for us. There are a series of problems (health, finance, relationships etc. with no solution. Once we realize that it’s the house that is the cause of problems, we consult a Vaastu expert for solutions. Among these cases, there are some severe cases where either reconstruction or changing a house is the only solution suggested.

Vaastu, as the science of spaces has gained immense popularity in the recent past. This has forced builders and homeowners to construct a vaastu compliant home due to the increasing demand for such homes. This trend has seen such an upward surge that, when people scout for apartments for rent, they bring a vaastu expert to check if the house is suitable. Today, whether it is buying or renting a home, vaastu seems to be the buzz word.

These days, modern Vaastu Shastra has proven to be an aesthetic way of construction to propagate the free flow of cosmic energy in your homes. This scientific relevant approach to Vaastu Shastra has made it increasingly popular today.

There are many things we keep in mind before investing on a residential site. One such popular norm before buying is, seeing whether the site is Vaastu compliant. Today Vaastu compliant sites have become popular and Vaastu is said to be a value aVastu is an age old practice of following certain rules to develop and maintain buildings that promises to harness the natural positive energies surrounding us. This age old practice of Indian civilization delivers wonderful results and makes the life of its practitioners successful, prosperous and peaceful.

The best time to start paying attention to Vaastu would be when you are constructing your house. Vaastu specifies certain rules about constructing the building which can be naturally implemented only at the time of construction. Vaastu is a huge subject dealing with all the nooks and crannies of harnessing positive energy inside the building and in our lives.

Vaastu for different properties

The influence of vaastu is no doubt the peace of mind for the house holders. Those who are suffering from in health, wealth, debts, quarrels, court cases, property loss, misunderstandings, facing troubles at family life, disputes, frustration and tension and they look forward towards peace. The people who have frustration & negative outlook will crave for present vaastu. The ultimate answer is vaastu.

The detrimental effects or evils of vaastu takes place increasing of new debts, in addition to the old ones, lifelong debts, depression, suicide, attempting suicide, tensions, mental depression, unnecessary quarrels, differences between wife and husband, no development in children education, determination of health conditions so and so forth. Unhealthy among children, loss of child or curse of child of born the child will be handicapped, diseases, improper business, loss of interest on the capital amount, lack of mental peace of mind, partners misunderstandings, deadly diseases, ill-health, cancer, AIDS, paralysis, heart-diseases, blood less problems , fear- complex, becoming sanyasis ( Rushis ), mentally retorted, tasking law in to one’s own hands, committing faults, craving for sensual desires, unnecessary quarrels among wife and husbands, suspicious, angry moods, unnecessary quarrels among the family members and with outsiders, hatred, plan to kill each other. Thefts, fire complex, sudden accidents, skin diseases, unemployment, not having good opportunities to serve in foreign countries etc.

People should be careful when they are doing renovation works as per vaastu for house. If any mistake was committed at the time of renovation work, again residents has to do alterations, it may double the expenditure.

Our spiritual research has shown that improving the spiritual vibrations of our homes can have many positive effects such as increased financial security, improved relationships between those living in the home, more happiness among residents, and less obstacles to spiritual practice done by those in the home.

Vaastu buildings are designed through the application of specific measurements and orientations, to be resonant with the cosmic energy matrix of the universe and therefore, if done properly by an EXPERT, the house floods with healing and nourishing energies.

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