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Vastu for Commercial Building

According to the survey, the World Health Organization declares 30% of all buildings to be Sick Buildings. There’re various causes sick buildings that range from the fabric of the building, its management, safety procedures in relation to technology and other factors that are known collectively as GEOPATHIC STRESS often related to elements in the landscape present before construction of the current buildings.

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According to the survey, the World Health Organization declares 30% of all buildings to be Sick Buildings. There’re various causes sick buildings that range from the fabric of the building, its management, safety procedures in relation to technology and other factors that are known collectively as GEOPATHIC STRESS often related to elements in the landscape present before construction of the current buildings. In a school environment, an imbalance in environmental energies, or Geopathic Stress as it is known, can lead to:

  • Increased staff stress
  • Divisions within the staff and a lack of corps (the old versus the new)
  • Sick leave and high staff turnover
  • Diminished academic achievement
  • Behavioral concerns amongst the student population.

Solution for Geopathic Stress

The awareness towards Geopathic stress has long history that’s more than 4000 years. Chinese termed the areas affected by earth radiations as ‘Dragon lines’. And it’s deprived that science ad technology discovered it till the end of the 20th Century.

Geopathic stress can be remedied in the majority of cases using simple, unobtrusive techniques on the site and surrounding landscape. The world health organization declared 2000 building as sick in their report in the New York Times. This ill health of these buildings was because of their construction. People working in those buildings were also facing health problems and even the company were facing losses. Firstly, they diagnose lack of sunlight and ventilation problems. But even after making facilities for light and ventilation still there was no change. Then their attention was drawn towards ‘Geopathic Stress’ and they declared these buildings as sick.

Signs of Geopathic Stress in the Building

Want to know, if your building is suffering from Geopathic stress? I know you don’t want to suffer from any kind of financial loss and health problems like others do. So, all you need is to identify the signs of Geopathic stress in your commercial and residential buildings and solve them with the help of professional vastu. Here we have descried some of the most common signs of Geopathic stress that are associated with the commercial as well as residential buildings. Check them out.

  • Whenever coming close to any architecture, there is an increase in blood pleasure of a normal human and blood pressure becomes normal as soon as he goes away from it.
  • You can smell dirty odour even when there is no dirt around.
  • When dog deny to stay inside or deny to go near particular place outside.
  • Particular place where cats stay for longer time or visits again and again.
  • If dogs cry looking south or southwest at night.
  • If any particular floor is colder than other floors.
  • If constant accidents happens on staircase or bathroom.
  • Even after complete sleep, one does not feel relaxed.
  • If there is constant pain in joints or muscles.
  • If there is constant pain in back or waist.
  • If there are constant conflict because of emotional or mental problem.
  • If kids are over aggressive or hyper active.
  • If other disease are creating health hazards because of poor digestion.
  • If headache or mental stress is experienced.
  • If asthma or other allergies are experienced.

Vastu Shastra the Sole Solution for Geopathic Stress

Energy from the subsurface of earth at a specific location that has the ability to change the normal functioning of the human system is called as Geopathic Stress. Suitability of the site in ancient times is carried out by different tests (Bhumi Pariksha), architectures and civil engineers were very particular in selecting the site for a dwelling but in recent past Geopathic stress is rarely considered as spatial planning. Recent studies have shown that it is one of the causes for inception of several diseases. Places on roads affected by this stress, are prone to accidents.

In the present scenario, while natural environment with varying climate is not suitable for the life style of human beings. The insects, birds and animals live by making adjustments with the climate. Man is always trying suitable transformation in the natural surroundings. This transformed environment is known as “Built Environment”. Built Environment constitutes houses, roads, footpaths, shops, etc. A Built Environment is planned not only to shelter the people, but also to provide space for various activities like agriculture activities, industries, educational institutes etc. In ancient times, people were aware of “Geopathic stress” associated with specific areas and were very particular in selecting location for civilizations and sites for construction of any structure and dwelling.

Right Directions and Right Shape

The complete concept of selection of plots and sites for construction revolves around two major things: “Right Directions” and “Right Shape”. Any site personifies a preset form which has its own roots to radiate positive as well as negative energies depending on its location, orientation, shape, slope and soil quality. Each small particle of the sand and its surroundings bring peace and harmony or pains and sorrows in life. Hence it is always advised to consult a vastu professional before investing in any land or plot so that the base on which you want to stand, supports your roots to success to become stalwart.

Vaastu Shastra has laid down certain rules and principles for every kind of building and spaces. It is always advisable to follow Vaastu guidelines while designing a plan both for personal and commercial spaces. Principles of Vaastu Shastra for commercial places such as hotels, educational institutions, hospitals, etc. ensure smooth flow of energy. We will assist you to uplift the energy through vastu principles for commercial places like factory, shops, office and financial institutions.

A known and famous shop is identified by its name & goodwill which can be earned by proper construction of commercial buildings. A Vaastu complaint shop is constructed with proper orientation, directional method and keeping in mind to design quintessentially for the placement of things like cash counter, placement of shop material. Today, more and more number of people are running after Vaastu guidance to make their shop according to Vaastu norms which is believed to bring success and overall peace and economic growth.
Vaastu for Different types of Commercial Buildings

There are many kinds of business and shops as per that business. There are different kinds of shops i.e. grocery, stationery, hardware, cutlery, garment, Beauty Parlor, Jewelers, Novelty, Electronics, furniture, sweets, tailoring, Vegetables, A studio, Estate Agency, Foot ware, or retail shop. As per Vastu shastra every business has influence of specific factor of Panch Mahabhute. So the shop will be complete if it is designed as per Vastu shastra. That also causes business growth. It also helps smooth transaction. It helps to attract customers, to satisfy customer fully, to minimize the loss.

In the present-day world, it has almost become a trend to consult a Vastu expert, before constructing and/or designing not only residential, but commercial buildings as well. In fact, businessmen prefer to seek vaastu advice before beginning any commercial construction. Buildings built for business purposes should bring money and prosperity. Vaastu Shastra is considered just to ensure that. Vastu has gained increasing popularity with the business industry over the years. Now, almost no new business venture is launched without considering vaastu for the location as well as the building purposes. Its importance has increased over the years, for maintaining a harmonious professional life.

So, vaastu plays a very wide role in the overall development and growth of different companies and the economy of our country as well. Businesses and commercial enterprises rely greatly on Vaastu consultants for profit-friendly planning of their offices and buildings. The ancient practice also balances your emotions and helps in taking rationale and practical decisions, which are the backbone of business management or commercial practices. It also keeps the business in good health and safeguards it against total collapse during adverse circumstances. A commercial project is exposed to some specific risks and Vaastu tries to protect it from such perils. Vaastu certainly, has made giant progress in dictating commercial planning and its significance will continue to scale up.

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