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Emerald – Panna – Mercury


Green Emerald, Aquamarine, Green Tourmaline or Peridot for Mercury

Green emerald, aquamarine, green tourmaline or peridot improves communication, verbal expression, the generation of ideas and the process of creative thinking, It enhances one’s powers of discretion and discrimination.

For people in business or communications, it aids in networking with others. It expands one’s sense of effective marketing thereby leading to increased sales and profitability, It enhances efforts in developing information technologies, computer software and hardware, internet capabilities, education and consultation.

Businesses involving mail order, multi-level marketing, distribution or transportation will be enhanced. It aids in the growth and development of careers which stem from hobbies and crafts. It improves one’s organizational ability and effectiveness in carrying out tasks and objectives. It provides an eye for detail and a practical methodology. It improves one’s ability to handle tasks which demand identification, classification, labeling or categorization. It enhances the use of logic, rationale, discretion and practicality.

It provides fruitful travel opportunities and increases human interaction.

It improves the swiftness of the mind and brings insight to the wit and can be very effective for writers, comedians and actors.

It reduces stress, overwork and worry. It pacifies nervous tendencies and nervous habits and nerve disorders. It makes one more flexible and aids one in adapting to changing circumstances.

It increases feelings of youth and vibrancy. One becomes bright, light, youthful and carefree.

Disease conditions that may respond to Green Emerald, Aquamarine, Green Tourmaline or Peridot are:

  • Diseases which are difficult to diagnose
  • Restless mind, restlessness
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue, weakness, lethargy
  • Anxiety, Worry, Stress
  • Nerves, nervous disorders, nerve diseases
  • Vertigo, giddiness
  • Dry or rough skin
  • Constipation
  • Tension Headaches
  • Cold Intolerance
  • Dry cough
  • Being underweight or suffering weight loss
  • Intestinal gas
  • Lower back pain, sciatica
  • Arthritis or difficulty with movement of the limbs
  • Paralysis, neuralgia, multiple sclerosis
  • Madness, brain diseases, stammering, defective memory, Alzheimers
  • Diseases of the skin, such as skin cancer or leprosy
  • Tissue Atrophy
  • Abnormal movements, nervous tics, Tourette syndrome


Emerald is perhaps the most beautiful gem among Navarathnas. . This prince of the Navarathnas Family has the most intense and radiant green found in any organic objects. Many a mystical story has been woven around this magnificent gem.

Vedas, the earliest known holy scriptures of the Hindus , mention about this gem and its healing properties: South America, is known for the best emeralds even today. People from time immemorial regarded this stone as a holy gemstone. Perhaps certain fine emeralds are costlier than diamonds. Some of the magnificent emeralds are to be seen in famous world museums and collections.

Uses of Emerald:-

Emerald is a gem that can be success fully used in astrological remedies without much caution. The planet being sober in nature normally do not give negative results except in rare cases when it becomes a first rate functional malefic .The gem is used for academic excellence , concentration, intelligence and educational achievements.

Emerald is a precious Gemstone of green color. It is also known as Panna Gemstone. It is worn for Mercury and allowed cold green radiation to be absorbed by the wearer enabling him to have perfect control of nervous and intestinal portions, liver, tissues, lunges, vocal cord, tongue and nervous system. Emerald Gemstone specially recommended for business men, writers, printers, publishers, dealers of scientific instruments. This Gemstone is also useful for any ailment connected with these functions, defect in recalling, stammering, harshness in voice, students having week IQ and for women in delivery bed fearing complications.

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