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Ruby – Manikya – Sun

Ruby or Garnet for Sun

Ruby or Garnet will strengthen one’s sense of self, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and self-assurance. It improves the decision-making process leading to a clear career choice. It brings career opportunity. It strengthens possibilities of promotion and helps in establishing personal and professional independence. It increases ambition and the need to succeed. It enhances courage, daring and initiative. It improves one’s relationship with one’s father and various authority figures.

It increases health and stren



Pearl – Moti – Moon

Pearl or Moonstone for Moon

Pearl or Moonstone deepens one’s emotional feeling and emotional healing. It increases your emotional sensitivity to your own emotions and the feelings of others. It expands your ability to receive and thereby get your emotional needs met. It enhances mental and emotional stability. It augments the ability to open up to and communicate with the subconscious mind and thereby heal it. This is typically done through increased perception of dreams, visions, intuitions and your attunement with your psychic ability.

It expan



Coral – Moonga – Mars

Red Coral or Carnelian for Mars

Coral increases energy, determination and the desire to act. It helps one to embrace challenges, goals and objectives. It strengthens the masculine nature by increasing rajas — motivation, desire and commitment. It inspires one to seek adventure and romance in life. It increases courage and may lead to heroism or heroic acts of some sort. It aids one in military, police or fire-fighting activities.

It strengthens initiative, leadership and organizational abilities. It helps in overcoming obstacles, enemies, oppone



Emerald – Panna – Mercury

Green Emerald, Aquamarine, Green Tourmaline or Peridot for Mercury

Green emerald, aquamarine, green tourmaline or peridot improves communication, verbal expression, the generation of ideas and the process of creative thinking, It enhances one’s powers of discretion and discrimination.

For people in business or communications, it aids in networking with others. It expands one’s sense of effective marketing thereby leading to increased sales and profitability, It enhances efforts in developing information technologies, computer software and hardw



Yellow Sapphire- Pokhraj – Jupiter

Yellow Sapphire, Yellow Topaz or Yellow Citrine for Jupiter

Yellow sapphire, yellow topaz or yellow citrine increases prosperity, success, honor, good fortune, and achievement. It reduces stress and delivers accomplishment without too much difficulty. It enhances joy, humor, comfort, distinction and status. It attracts awards, prizes and other kinds of recognition. It facilitates social climbing and yields more leisure time.

It enhances wish-fulfillment, belief, prayer and creative visualization, enabling manifestation of desires more quickly and e



Diamond – Heera – Venus

Diamond, Natural Zircon or White Topaz for Venus

Diamond, Natural Zircon or White Topaz improves one’s charm, magnetism and charisma. It increases friendship, benevolence, kindness, social interaction, fun and frolic. It expands your attractiveness, desirability and popularity in the eyes of others. It enhances your desire to look attractive and dress well.

It enhances love, relationship, romance, commitment, pleasure, sensuality, sexuality, and marriage. It increases sex desire and eroticism, inciting your libido and broadening your boundaries.<


Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire – Neelam – Saturn

Blue Sapphire or Lapis Lazuli for Saturn

Blue Sapphire or Lapis Lazuli aids in overcoming obstacles, difficulties and reversals in life. It helps to remove want, hunger, deprivation and poverty. It brings buoyancy in the face of delay, disappointment and loneliness. It helps to circumvent dissatisfaction, gloom and depression.

It is a worthy weapon in the war against idleness, lethargy and lack of motivation since it strengthens purpose and perseverance. It produces a stronger constitution, improved character and greater resolve. It develops one’



Hessonite – Gomed- Rahu

Hessonite (Cinnamon Stone) for Rahu

Hessonite helps remove fear, insecurity and self-doubt. With these reduced, one enjoys greater clarity of thought. It can aid in steadying the mind in times of great change, transition and upheaval, and enable one to accommodate change more easily.

Illusions about yourself which may have been imposed upon you by others or by you yourself can be seen with greater clarity and removed, such as limitations or restrictions that impede progress or growth. It will help you come face to face with your own truth and subse


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Cat’s Eye – Lehsuniya – Ketu

Cat’s Eye for Ketu

Cat’s Eye may help avert accidents, injuries and surgeries. It may aid in reducing the penalties or punishment one can expect from running afoul of the law. It may protect one from fires, explosions and terrorist actions.

It may help curb one’s tendency toward cheating, hustling, wickedness and vicious tendencies.

It may protect one against intrigue, scandal, betrayal, assassination or murder. It may serve as a talisman against snake bite.

It may create balance in one who is a zealot or an extremist. It may


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