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Importance of Rudraksha



Found in Ancient Indian Scriptures and texts: From ancient times, the power of Holy Rudraksha beads have been scripted in various religious texts like ShivmahaPurana, Shreemaddevibhagwat, Padma Purana, ling Purana, Ashtamalikopnishad, Nirnayasindhoo, Mantramaharnava, MahakaalSanmhita, Rudrakshajabalopnishad, Vrihajjabalopnishad, Shivaswarodaya and Sarvollastantra.

As per ancient Indian scriptures mentioned above Rudraksha is evolved from the eyes of Lord Shiva hence, it’s called Rudraksha. Rudra means Shiva and Aksha means eyes. Aksha also means a group of alphabets in Sanskrit called Varna). As per details found in HalayudhKosha(Ancient Scripture) letters from A to ksha that is 51 letters are called Aksha. Therefore, Rudraksha can be called as a seed in which a group of Sanskrit letters called Varna reside.

Scientifically known as ElaeocarpusganitrusRoxb, Rudraksha tree is a large evergreen broad-leaved tree, which grows in the area from the Genetic Plain to the foothills of the great Himalayas and the middle area of Nepal. The main trunk of Rudraksha tree is cylindrical and has circular section. Rudraksha tree has grayish white bark and rough in texture with small vertical lenticels and narrow horizontal furrows. Its branches spread in all directions. Its leaves appear shining green externally and dull coriaceous internally. It has ovoid, conical and elongate flowers, nearly 1 to 2 cm in diameter. Its fruit is globose and drupaceous having a flashy exterior and is light green in color. Rudraksha beads are covered by an outer shell which is blue in color and is hard and tubercle on the inside. On each Rudraksha seed vertical lines are seen running down its surface. These lines are called mukhi or “the clefts or furrows on the surface” and determine the type of mukhiRudraksha. For instance Seeds with one vertical line are one mukhiRudraksha, those with two lines are two mukhi and so on. Rudraksha beads contain 50.031 % carbon, 0.95% nitrogen, 17.897% hydrogen and 30.53% oxygen. It takes 15 to16 years for Rudraksha to mature and bear fruits. It is kept in water for a number of days and then Rudraksha is taken out after peeling off the pulp.

The unique properties and divine powers of Rudraksha have been described in the authentic Shastras like the RudrakshaJabala Upanishad, Padma Purana, Shiva Purana, Devi Purana and BhagavatPurana. The benefits of this miraculous bead have been flowing to the users/ wearers from time immemorial. Rudraksha, is the most powerful and awesome bead ever, offering protection to its wearer. This bead can help you achieve all you want – a healthy mind, body and soul, a wealthy life that many dream of and only some achieve, and a happy soul.

Rudraksha Benefits

  1. Rudraksha is considered as incarnation of Bhagwan Shiva. The person who wears Rudraksha possess always good health, is respected by all and is capable of attracting everybody & anybody.
  2. Rudraksha is a very important and mystical bead of Hindu Mythology & Meditation & Rishi Cult.
  3. Rudraksha has a high profile in Tantrism and spiritualism specially Nara gosha & Grahadosha.
  4. Rudraksha worshipped as a source of good luck, good health, prosperity, medical values, success, financial gains and for eradication of evil forces.
  5. Faceless Rudraksha (Nirankara) is most powerful.
  6. One chaturmukha (4 faces) Rudraksha and one shanmukha (6 faces) Rudraksha tied together with copper wire and wearing with red thread as a (talisman) shivashakti locket will improve the attentiveness, memory growth, interest in studies, etc., Boon for studies and aged, pandits, astrologers, leaders, etc.
  7. For the bite of a Scorpion or other such creatures Panchamukhi Rudraksha can be rubbed on a grind stone with the juice of a lemon and the paste applied on the affected spot. Pain will subside.
  8. Those who takes the bath by keeping 9 (nine) Rudrakshas in water will get benefits equally to Ganga Jal Bathing and energy gaining.
  9. Rudraksha can be worn by any person without the consideration of nation, religion, caste, sex, with full confidence to get desired benefits in mandalam (40 days). One should wear the malas at all times except sex time, going to burial grounds and ladies should not wear during menstrual periods. It is also helps for longevity and avoids untimely death.
  10. One can wear first time Rudraksha on any Monday, maashivarathri, mahashivarathri, sun or moon eclipse and sankranthi days, amavasya, poornima, etc.
  11. Rudraksha mala with 108 beads is purnamala, with 54 beads ARDHAMALA with 27 beads NAKSHATRA MALA, mala with 21 mukhis of Rudraksha is known as INDRA MALA which is very rare one.
  12. At the time of wearing Rudraksha mala it can be of honey or other colour but during the course of time all malas will become black and hard due to the contact of fat containing sweat and yogaagni of the human body.
  13. In various countries of the world people belongs to different religions are making their children to wear Rudraksha like Talisman for the health protection and planetary problems and for higher education.
  14. Rudraksha mala is the best mala to wear and for japa for perfect health than any other malas, Nepali Rudraksha mala is the best and powerful.
  15. Rudraksha malas got characteristics of gold, copper & electro magnetic power, which is energized by cosmic rays and transmit in to human body for perfect health due to its good conductor properties.
  16. Natural Rudraksha will have seeded pockets inside the Rudraksha equalent to the number of mukhas (ferrows) are seen as on the face of Rudraksha.
  17. Bhagwan shiva’s pooja is incomplete without Rudraksha, Vibhuti and Bilwa
  18. Shakti Rudraksha can be saved from cracking or any other type of damage by keeping in olive oil or mustard oil for 3 hours as a preventive once only. Then taken out wipe of oil clearly and use.
  19. Rudrakshas when kept in pooja they should be rested on bottom side. Panchmikhi minimum 9 beads.
  20. Rudraksha are available in 5mm to 12 mm size. By various researchers it is found for wearing small Rudrakshamalas and for japa and puja big size Rudraksha are beneficial and easy to use.
  21. Any one by looking at Rudraksha of Rudraksha malas, like thrantaka in yoga, touching in japa or wearing like mala etc. will get full benefits regularly.
  22. Rudraksha is a herbal diamond hence on mala shivarathri day Rudrakshas prepared like rakhi and potentised with mantra siddhi is tied on right hand wrist near jeevanadi. The pranashakti will be activated and fully circulated to the all parts of body and all impurities in the body are cleaned.
  23. At the time of first time wearing the Rudraksha to get the full benefits. In the morning before 9 am and before the shiva photo on shivalinga chant 108 times OM NAMAH SHIVAHYA or MahaMrutyunjaya Mantram, then touch the RUDRAKSHA or mala to shiva photo or linga and then wear get desired benefits positively.
  24. Rudraksha mala japam with the pointing finger is for Shatru Nashanam with middle finger for dhanaprapthi, with ring finger peace of mind, with little finger for beauty care. This is experimented and experienced.
  25. When Rudraksha is boiled keeping in the milk, it will be effective for only one time. Hence for using 40 days treatment with same Rudraksha, we have to keep Rudrakshas in hot milk and take out when it is cooled. Like this you should do for 40 days.
  26. To prepare Rudraksha medicated water for the treatment of chronic diseases. Rudrakshas should be kept in night times in one cup of water for nearly six hours and early in the morning after taking Rudrakshas from water, medicated water can be 20 minutes. After 40 days these Rudrakshas are not useful for medicinal purposes.
  27. Generally Rudrakshas either kept unused or by not wearing they will loose their medicinal utility after three years as their will be no interaction of energy.
  28. After wearing the Rudraksha the fat in the human body, sweat, external dust, etc, will close the fine pores of Rudraksha, and the Rudrakshas medicinal inter-action with the human body is disturbed. Hence clean the Rudraksha / malas once in six months keeping in soap-nut (Reetha) water for ½ hour and clean it with new tooth brush and wear again for desired benefits it is like recharging.
  29. It is observed among the lakhs of Rudraksha s NO TWO RUDRAKSHAS are of similar shape, colour, etc. By wearing Rudrakshakundalinijagrithi will be fast and easy, some people wear Rudraksha on ear lobes, gullet place at the throat and the forehead touching the Agna Chakra etc., on chest in common.
  30. It is advised one should have separate mala for wearing and separate mala for japam and one must not use the Rudraksha used by others.
  31. Big sized 54 Rudrakshas with nylon thread may be prepared as Dwarabandana and tied on the top of inside the main door. This will cure some vasthudoshas, drustidoshas and naragosha.
  32. In pooja, drawing room, photograph of gods and important personalities may be decorated with Rudraksha malas. By this there will be cosmic radiation activity in the room and by the way of thrataka when we look at photo our eyes will be benefited. This removes vasthudosha too.
  33. People who suffer with undesired irritability, anger and anxiety, mental illness. Just a day or two before full- moon or no-moon days will get 90% cure by wearing Rudraksha mala in a prescribed way.
  34. it is seen in various reputed ashrams, mandirs Rudraksha malas of many decades old are with the peetadhipathis which are given to them as a symbol of authority from their gurus along with giving the charge of ashrams. Thud Rudrakshadharana by swamyji is a must & essential and symbol of authority to run the ashram.
  35. In rudrakshasatyavani (dowsing)-bhavishyavani forms cosmo electro magnetic field and radiation comes out after teletherapy message. Rudraksha pendulum gets the movement. The directions of movements is helpful for prediction & disease diagnosis.
  36. “Beads in the shape of ardhachanrakara (cashewnet) is not at all Rudrakshas but they are bhadrakshas some businessmen, sellers, frauds persons are cheating the innocent public for huge amounts naming them as ekamukhi Rudrakshas.”
  37. Rudraksha therapy by itself and also in combination with other healing systems can cure any illness. Apart from the healing at physical, mental and emotional level, Rudraksha increases body-energy, self-confidence, money growth, intelligence, intuition and so on. It is also harmonises and balances all the body systems, glandular organs and immune central nervous system. It also balance the brain waves bringing peace and harmony clearing the mind and making medication & meditation easier.
  38. Thus the benefits of this miraculous Rudraksha plant having been flowing to the users, wearers from the time-immemorable. Even in the latest researchers it is proved that Rudraksha got more medical effectiveness and spiritual effects and withstood to various laboratory tests and scientific experiments. It is proved installing Rudraksha & malas in the houses in particular method removes the Gruhadosha – vasthudosha – naragosha, etc..
  39. Thus by this reason the age old Rudraksha therapy is gaining more momentum all over the world in different countries and practicing benefits lakhs of patients and suffer with different problems in this computer age. Day by day acceptance of this Rudraksha’s super natural & holistic medicinal system is spreading all over the universe.
  40. Chanting done wearing a rudraksha-mala is a thousand times more beneficial than chanting done without wearing such a mala. Chanting done with a rudraksha-mala is ten thousand times more beneficial than chanting done with a mala of any other type. Hence, Shaivites believe that if chanting the mantra is not done using a rudraksha-mala or by wearing a rudraksha-mala, we cannot make mantras effective rapidly. To obtain maximum benefit from the rudraksha-mala, it should be tied around the neck in such a manner that it has maximum contact with the neck.
  41. Rudrakshas facilitate the activation of the Kundalini and the occurrence of kevalkumbhak in Pranayam.
  42. Rudrakshas have electromagnetic properties.

Rudraksha Number For Mala

To get complete benefit Rudraksha mala can be made of 108, 99, 90, 72, 63, 54, 45, 36, 27 and of 18 beds.

Vedic Significance:

The Holy Puranas, Upanishads and Srimad Bhagvatam consider Rudraksha as the most powerful and the divine weapon that can defend the wearer against the most dangerous ills, thereby, helping them attain material prosperity as well as spiritual strength.

Use of Rudraksha

A round shaped One mukhi Bead, very very rare. If a lucky person receives it, he must have been blessed by Lord Shiva for many previous lifetimes.

Single faced Rudraksha is Shiva himself, which provides the fruits of salvation and liberation. Only its glimpse will already rectify brahma-hatya (the killing of a Brahmana). This Rudraksha is considered to be the king of all Rudrak

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