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Birth day & Destiny Number

Our destiny is pre-decided to our birth. Yes! You read it right. Before we born in this world, our destiny has been already decided by our creator i.e. the superpower.



Our destiny is pre-decided to our birth. Yes! You read it right. Before we born in this world, our destiny has been already decided by our creator i.e. the superpower. So, our brithday and our destiny number is ironically related to our lives. Here’s know how? Astrology and numerology are intimately connected. Each planet rules over a number between 1 and 9. Both your name and your birth date are governed by planetary energies. People have studied the relationships of numbers to dates and names for over 2500 years. They explore these numerology readings:

  • Determine their Life Path and Destiny.
  • Learn what challenges they may have to overcome.
  • Identify peak moments in their lives.
  • Explore their special talents and skills and how to use them wisely.
  • Discover what they have the innate abilities to be.

Generally, a person starts to see the numbers when the numbers have personal meaning. Or have emotional significance. If a person wonders why they’re seeing certain numbers again and again, then they tend to see them even more often. Yearly and other cyclic changes are calculated from the birth date.Numerology calculations from a person’s name generally relate to the makeup of the individual, their personality, desires, destiny, and so forth. Numerology calculations from birth dates generally relate to events and circumstances the individual is likely to experience or to somehow be involved in. The numbers are the key to unlocking a lot of mysteries in life Our day starts with numbers and it ends with numbers. Every minute of our lives revolve around numbers and they hold the potential to change our lives too.

Discover the life path with Numeroloy

Here is a numerology reading to discover your lifepath using numerology and what it means for you. The Life Path, Purpose, and Destiny Number typically have the same position and meaning most systems. These numbers are calculated by adding up all the numbers of a person’s birthdate together.

The life path, purpose, or destiny number usually relates to qualities the person is striving for as their end goal in life. They are working towards this number as a means to fulfill a special part of who they are. By embracing and embodying the qualities of the life path, purpose, or destiny number in their life, they can feel a sense of completion and satisfaction. If, however, they fail to reach their goal of the life path, purpose, or destiny number, they may suffer a life of lesson and illness. With the use of Numerology we are able to analyse ourselves and those around us.

Find your Destiny Number

To analyse and interpret your ‘Destiny Number’ simply use the formula of reducing your date of birth to a single digit. The destiny number is the total sum of your date of birth. This is your life path. It never changes kind of like your karmic number. It is also known as a Life Path Number. In relationships, people who have the same Life Path Number have more of a connection in this lifetime. They also have a better understanding of their partner.

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